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Happy Birthday, Justin

We’re about to watch The Blair Witch Project. Willingly, yes. That’s the great thing about having the entertainment system of the gods. Every time you watch something you’ve seen before, it’s like watching it for the first time again. Victoria’s rounded up some horror movies for us to watch through this month and up until Halloween. That’s her tradition. My tradition picks up on Samhain, where her’s leaves off. So between us, we have all of the bases covered.
Mostly I wanted to mention my brother, Justin. I’ve been thinking about him a lot today. It’s his birthday. I dropped him a note on MySpace, and wrote him some e-mail. Of course, I had a brain fart and forgot that I had his snail mail address, so I put my foot in my mouth today when I asked him for it again. He probably figures I’m brain damaged.
I don’t hear from Justin much. Our pattern seems to be that we both let lots of time get by us between our communications. So we’re constantly starting over. It doesn’t really seem like we know each other very well, because neither of us exactly goes above and beyond to stay in touch. I’d like to try, but I get frustrated after writing a series of e-mails that get no responses, and so I eventually just drop it. Hopefully one day it’ll be different for us.
Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I was thinking of him.

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