Hanging Out With Mesu

Mesu MiaselleI took the bait that Sony Online Entertainment dangled in front of me and logged-in to my Star Wars Galaxies account today. There’s not a chance in hell that I’d ever re-activate the account, but it was nice to log-in to see if my house and all was still there (it was). It’s amazing how many memories it brought back to run around with Mesu for a bit. She’s like an old friend; the first character in my first online gaming addiction, and the one I’ll always think most fondly of.
All I really wanted to do was check in. I stripped Mesu of her armor before I logged her out in 2006 for what I thought was going to be the last time. I put her in some comfortable clothes and figured she had retired, that she was wandering around in the game somewhere, regaling people in cantinas with tales of her extensive exploits.
Nah. Sony dropped the ball. There isn’t the remotest chance that I’d ever reactivate the account. I had too many years of Sony Online Entertainment pissing down my back and telling me it was raining to ever consider giving them money again. Besides, they’ve destroyed Star War Galaxies, and only an idiot could believe differently. I traveled with Mesu to Coronet on the planet Correlia, which is a place that used to be over-run with players… so much so that people avoided it if they could because of the lag. There were about four people hanging around the starport there, when there used to be three or four dozen at any time hanging out in the plaza outside of the starport. I don’t know how Sony can claim that the game is still doing well. There’s nobody home.
Oh, well. It was nice to log-in and get one last screenshot of Mesu. I’m thinking maybe of writing down her accomplishments and saving them as a character page or something in my Personal section here on the web site. I have until February 15th until my account goes inactive again. Maybe that’s enough time to jot down Mesu’s history.

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