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Hammering Away

I’ve been hammering away at the Music section, trying to get those pages re-designed and coded. I didn’t think I was really getting anywhere until it occurred to me that I had created over 200 images for that section. Wow. I have been busy. Here I was thinking I was a slack-ass.
It’s been a frustrating slog. I’m my own worst enemy As great as I think the sections are going to look once they’re designed, I’m too obsessive to let anything go by unless it looks great. That means each page has been coded from the ground up, and all of the graphics have been created from scratch. That takes an inordinate amount of time.
Hopefully it’ll be worth it. Once I start posting new music and stories, it’ll be important that the web site looks professional if traffic begins to pick up. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you look like a million you might be able to make a million. I imagine I’ll be getting the re-designed music section up this weekend. I hope some of the 500+ people who inexplicably visit this web site every day will go take a peek at it.

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