Giving Corporations An Outsized Voice In Elections

If corporations are allowed to pour money at will into American elections, the United States will finally have become an outright oligarchy. But that’s what the Republicans have been pushing for all these decades, isn’t it? Democracy was a noble experiment, but shouldn’t the wealthy people really have all the control? Well, the Supreme Court, which has already proven that it favors the rich and powerful, is about to decide which America is going to be – democracy or oligarchy. God help us all.

An excellent article at the L.A. Times by Monica Youn examines the issue;

Voters stand to lose out if the Supreme Court treats political spending by businesses and other big-money players as protected speech.

Corporations are pitching a bizarre product — a radical vision of the 1st Amendment. It would give corporations rather than voters a central role in our electoral process by treating corporate political spending as protected speech. If this vision becomes reality, businesses and other big-money players will spend billions either hyping their preferred candidates or running attack ads against elected officials who don’t support their preferred agenda. Voters will be forced into a couch-potato role, mere viewers of the electoral spectacle bought and paid for by wealthy companies.

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