Gift Of The Cupig

Mara gave me a good Valentine’s Day. She bought me a stuffed pig (a Cupig) and gave me a card. It really meant a lot to me. I didn’t get her anything, though, and I feel like an ass because of it. I have a lot of good excuses. For one thing, I haven’t been out by myself since we came home, and haven’t had a chance to get her anything without her knowing about it. She bought herself some CDs and let me off the hook by saying that she considered those to be her Valentine’s Day gift. But come on. Who can think of that and not think I’m an ass? I should have found a way to sneak out and pick her up something. I guess I just assumed that we would do like we usually do and let the day slip by without much fanfare. I love my wife, and more than ever I am just stunned by my fortune at having such a wonderful woman in my life.

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