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Getting Ready to Get Ready

Getting ready to get ready to leave. Heading out on Sunday again. After the debacle with the trailer door last week, I figured I had to do something to make up lost ground. The company offered me my pick of various loads, and I took the longest one. That means I’ll be heading out to Mobile, Alabama in a bit, for a 02:00 delivery tomorrow morning.
I’m going into this week feeling rather anxious. I don’t know why, really. I guess various things are conspiring to shake up the status quo, and I’m just not in the mood for it. I want everything to stay just as it is, on a nice and even keel, until I square away a few things.
I spent the end of last night and into early this morning being torn between someone deservingly pressing me for more information about my feelings and my drunk crack-head cousin demanding to know my views on God as well as his overwhelming evidence that God does not exist. I don’t know that I should comment on either one here. The former deserves better than a public hearing on the subject, and the latter has most of his family on my MySpace friends list. Either one would probably go badly.
I think instead what I’ll do is load up my new CDs and drag my laptop and clothes back onto the truck. This time I’ll be dragging along a new effects processor that just came in, and which probably represents the sum of my thoughts at the moment. I’ll climb back into my box and head down the road, and again I’ll be safe in the knowledge that if I drive far enough for long enough, I’ll eventually find my way to the end of another week. Maybe a fraction closer to the day when such weeks will run out and I will finally have come to that place where I can cross the river and rest in the shade of the trees.
Sometimes I can’t help but reflect that if it were not for Mama and the necessity of returning to Kings Mountain to be here for her, I could very easily slip out on to the highway and never be heard from again. I’m rather disturbed to know just how greatly that idea appeals to me.

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