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Just trying to figure it all out...

Emperor Charlemagne

King Charles I of France (Charlemagne) is a grandfather to many persons in our family tree. As a result we have many kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, etc. as grandparents and cousins.


Hello, good people.

This is just where I parked my genealogy research. It was started quite accidentally, and mostly grew from the fact that despite my mother being 1 of 11 children, there wasn't a lot of family history known much past great-grandparents.

This collection is currently in transition. I'm trying to figure out why associated images aren't showing on certain individuals, as well as other little problems which have arisen through the years. I'll be working on it more this summer in 2018. So please bear with me. There are obvious glitches, especially in regard to media showing up in the right place. I'll get it straightened out.

At the moment, neither of the people showing up on the front page have any real bearing on my family. We're all related to Charlemagne, aren't we? I have no earthly idea who Augustin Grignon is. lol. I'll be changing that soon/

Augustin Grignon

Augustin Grignon was a fur trader and general entrepreneur in the Fox River Valley in territorial Wisconsin, surviving into its early years of statehood.