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Genealogy Database Online

This is just a quick mention that the Wicasta’s Genealogy database is back online. I thought I should get it up as soon as possible, since it’s traditionally been one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the web site. My obsession with genealogy had begun to ebb, so I don’t maintain the database as well as I should. But it’s there for you to sift through if you’d like to. With over 12,000 names in the database, it’s a good resource for anyone trying to find quick information.

I won’t promise that every bit of information that you find there is absolute and true. I’ve drawn my data from dozens of different sources, and can hardly remember where all of it came from. To make matters worse, the notes that I kept on sources has been lost, compounding the problem. So… take this database with a grain of salt. And if you find some data there that you disagree with, by all means write me with a correction. I largely put this data online so that we could all work on it together.

By the way, if you find something that’s wrong in the database, don’t write me jumping up and down about it and trying to insult me. What do you want for nothing? If you can suggest a correction, I’ll add it. Otherwise, take a pill, take a deep breath, and consider that I won’t be impressed by a foul temper.


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