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I was writing a bit yesterday on a book-in-progress called 3,000 Miles, which will be sort of based on my years of driving a truck, and it occurred to me that it might not be such a bad thing if I caught up some of those blogs going back to 1999 when the long nightmare began. So I gathered up some of those files and started to upload them, and discovered in the process that the Archives section of my blog was blank.
That was a “duh huh” moment. When I switched my blog over to WordPress, I couldn’t get the import function to work, so I couldn’t port my old blogs over from Blogger. I’d have to do it by hand. It was something I intended to do, but with almost 1,900 posts over there on Blogger, I realized it was something I wouldn’t get done any time soon. The end result was that amid the 1,001 other things that are on the agenda, I sort of forgot about it. So all this time, my blog has only gone back about a year, and there were no Archives links whatsoever. So much for the people who said they read my blogs religiously. And so much for the blogs that at least one company pondered basing a reality television show upon.
It explains a lot, actually. Once upon a time my web site, due mostly to the blog, got an average of 450-500 visits each day. That’s since dropped to about 250. In my willful ignorance, I’d sort of wondered about that. But it never occurred to me that the problem was that there were not only no links to my older trucking blogs (which were largely responsible for the traffic), but that those posts weren’t even on the web site any longer.
Well, I’ve put everything back up. I figured out how to get WordPress to import my old blogs from Blogger, and there are now over 2,000 posts in my blog. I’ll have to rebuild the indices, because they were all imported with no category, and a lot of the much older ones have no titles. But the bulk of the labor has already been done, and at least the posts are in the database now.
I don’t know what this means in the overall scheme of things. Whatever traffic the web site used to enjoy is long gone. I doubt there’s anything I can really do to get it back. But at the very least, that information is online and available again. If anyone is bored enough to actually go look at it, the Archives section now is actually connected to something. Like it or not, the Wic virus just grew a bit.

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