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Frustrating Morning

I got so frustrated this morning that I gave myself a major headache. I bounced into my studio to get back to laying down some lead guitar tracks, and discovered that the problem I had yesterday, which I had sort of prayed would go away, was still very much present. My mixes weren’t coming out right. I could barely hear my bass tracks. The guitar that I’d plugged in through the audio interface was barely audible. It was just all fugged up. I pulled out my hair and tried a dozen different things. I finally wound up re-installing the drivers for my audio interface, then I completely re-installed Cubase LE. Nada. It was still screwed up. I spent hour trying to figure this out.
When I finally figured out what was wrong, I just wanted to cry. The cord to my heaphones wasn’t seated quite right in the headphone socket! After all that pain, angst and aggravation, it was a loose cord! I really did feel like crying then. But then the relief set in. However frustrating those hours might have been, in the end it turned out nothing was wrong at all.
Man, I wish I had a dime for every curse word I uttered while I was in there wrangling with that stuff.

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