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Finishes, Starts and Re-Boots

I’ve been tinkering on the main web site, trying to get things in-line so I can get the store active and raking in the millions of dollars we all know that I can make from it. Please note appropriate sarcasm. Seems like all I ever do is hammer away at that web site, and I’m still not finished with the damned thing.
I’ve been tinkering with So Long John, trying to figure out how to finish the damned thing. Technically all I need to do is record the vocals. But I’m thinking about re-recording the lead break, using my Strat instead of the Destroyer. It just fits better, somehow. Mostly, I’ve been inspired to try some different things because I downloaded some excellent free plug-ins for my DAW, and they’ve opened up a lot of possibilities. So much so that I’ve started thinking about possibly re-recording much of This Old Dawg, as well.
I need to get So Long John finished. I’m itching to move on to a larger project based on a novel I’m writing about a 500 year old vampire. I’m kind of hoping to finally hook up Paul Kowalski so I’ll have a partner in crime, but I keep forgetting to call him until it’s too late to do so. I wonder what he’ll make of my vampire? Hell, I wonder what everyone else will?

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