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I’m going to brush my teeth and go to bed. I was sort of cruising e-mail and MySpace for reaction to This Old Dawg, which I posted on MySpace, Bandmix and JamWave today. Yes, I finally wrestled the song to the ground today and mastered it. It has some rough spots and I’m not entirely happy with the mix, but damn I was tired of wrangling with it. I think it’s about as good as I could make it. I admit that if I had a million dollar studio to record in, I still wouldn’t be happy with the results. To me it just sounds like a really good demo.
There hasn’t been much of a reaction to it yet. Not that I expect it. I joked around with Victoria today after uploading it, when I got back from running to Applebee’s to pick up our order. I told her that apparently the world hadn’t been informed of my new song, because everyone was going about their business as if nothing had happened. That’s a joke, by the way. I think every musician thinks that they’re going to record a song and everything is just going to change on the basis of that one cool song. Then when it doesn’t they realize that there’s a whole lot of hard work involved, and nothing is just going to fall into their laps.
Long story short, I don’t expect much of a reaction from one song. But hopefully This Old Dawg will get a few toes tapping. Maybe this won’t be the one, or the next song, or the one after that, but hopefully sooner or later I’ll record that golden song, if I can just keep doing it at some point I’ll start reaching critical mass and begin moving forward. At this point in my life I might hope for the best, but if I’m honest with myself I’ll admit that I’m just making music for me. If the rest of you want to come along, that’s fine. But I’m too old to wait any longer.
Right now I’ve recorded a pretty good song after a very long absence from recording. I’m going to enjoy that sense of accomplishment, get a good night’s rest, and the decide where to go from here. There are a couple hundred other songs that need to be recorded.

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