Fargin' Bastages

I just had a tense discussion with the shipping clerk here at the shipper. Keep in mind that I’ve been in a dock since 09:30 this morning. I’ve waited patiently, hoping for the best. But after my appointment time came and went and I was not being loaded, I went inside to investigate. Well, after leaving me standing at the window for ten minutes while he chatted with his buddies (union shop, remember?) I finally learned that they had only just started pulling the order. I asked him why they had made the appointment for 15:15 if they weren’t going to start pulling the order until 15:30. My appointment is supposed to be for pick-up, not for them to start staging the fucking order.
Anyway, here I am. Still. This shit happens. It’s part of the job. I guess I wouldn’t be so annoyed by this if the whole week had not been an ass reaming. As much as I’ve sat this week, my dispatcher has the fucking nerve to complain because my ETA changed on Wednesday?

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