Facebook Page: Slowly But Surely Joining the 21st Century Hive-Mind

I’ve had quite a few people ask me why this web site doesn’t have a Facebook page. Honestly, I never thought anyone would be interested. But, with Facebook making moves to begin their take-over of all social networking, I figured it was about time we got in-line with The Borg. So… if you have a Facebook account, we’d be very pleased if you’d add us to your notification list by visiting the page and clicking on “I Like”. Thanks so much for your continued support through the years. I’ve been touched by how few of our subscribers have left through the years. Now, whether that means ya’ll are a bunch of Right-Wingers who are keeping an eye on me or not, I can’t really say. But I prefer to think not.

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About Wicasta

Depending upon whom you ask, Wicasta Lovelace is an author, musician, artist, web designer and/or delusional lunatic (which one he is at any given moment depends upon the day of the week, really). He's currently studying Music Industry/Recording Arts at St. Petersburg College in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Wicasta is working on several novels and recording music on his own and with his band, Windhaven. He is the principle editor of the Malleus Maleficarum project, lead author at PaganCentric, curator at Mama Peggy, and systems engineer at Floozees Doozees. You can find him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.