Eminent Domain Activists Try to Evict a Court Justice

Justice David SouterOne has to wonder why the Conservative talking heads and rank-and-file Republicans are so upset that a court justice should be held liable to the same laws as the average American. Long story short, Supreme Justice David Souter was one of the justices joined a 5-4 majority upholding the right of governments to appropriate private property for commercial development. Any commercial development. According to the legislation, if any real estate developer decides that your property is in a prime location and can convince local and state governments that the commercial development of your property is in the best interest of the community, the local and state governments can simply take your land and give it to the developer. You will have no rights whatsoever that can help you fight this.

Well, local residents in Weare, New Hampshire, where Justice Souter has a farmhouse, decided that Justice Souter’s home could be developed in a way that would benefit the local community. In short, they’re trying to hold Souter accountable to the same laws he helped put into place. After all, if John Smith can lose him home and property to enrich some clever real estate developer, why not Justice David Souter?

Naturally, this has played out along political lines, with the Republicans almost universally believing that it’s just fine to make private companies rich at the expense of American citizens. But then, that’s sort of their basic platform, isn’t it?

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