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Editing For Ken Haynes

About that new truck… I finally sent Ray a picture of our truck in a dock at our customer in Chicago Heights, where our drive tires are not touching the ground. He said to re-word the message and send it back to him, and he would forward it to Ken Haynes in Tunnel Hill (Ken assigns trucks in the terminal there). I forwarded the message to our PDA so that I could work on it, but I think I’ll just wait until we get home next Monday. That’ll give me time to collect my thoughts and organize it in my head. This may be our only chance of impressing upon Ken Haynes how serious the issue is in Chicago Heights, and that we’re not just another team whining because we want a Volvo. We want one for selfish reasons as well, but our safety issue in Chicago Heights is real. And if I sleep better because we’re in a Volvo, which rides smoother and is quieter? Hey, that enables me to do my job better because I’m rested. And if my arthritis doesn’t hurt as much because of the smoother ride, it’s the same thing; and USX benefits.

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