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I couldn’t sleep, so I’ve been up since 6am, tinkering on nothing in particular. I got up to use the bathroom around 5:30, and then my brain just wouldn’t shut off.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the web site. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the scope of it. Lately I’ve decided to take on the Writing section. Which I guess is part of the problem. The Poetry section has almost 100 poems that will each have to have a new web page created for it. Even using a basic template, that’s going to take awhile. Then there’s M.E. Caldwell, and the accompanying 49 chapters (which will each have to have a new page and be re-formatted). Not to mention the various short stories, snippets and miscellaneous debris.
You know, for someone who hasn’t accomplished much in his life, I sure have a lot of stuff lying around.
I’ve also been thinking about how to reformat the Blog. Right now I’m using a free WordPress template called Old Forest (with apologies to my friend Jayce, who used it first – I thought it looked familiar). But I was just looking at the graphics for the template, and I think it’d be fairly easy to keep the functionality of the template (which I like) and just replace the graphics and style sheets so that it’ll blend better with the main web site theme. Of course, the trick is to keep it readable. That’s one of the problems I’ve run into with the main site theme. It looks good for basic intro pages, but when you try to put up a story or something, it’s a strain on the eyes. I’m still trying to work out an alternative. I suspect that if I work out something good for the Blogs, I’ll use it elsewhere, as well. Like a secondary web site theme.
I was going to use the Blogger theme that I was using for M.E. Caldwell to post stories. It looks kind of like a book and it’s easy to read. But it’s just too much white. It strains the eyes. If someone is going to read something online, it can’t be too bright. That’s the reason the e-Reader technology never really took off. People just aren’t comfortable reading things on a monitor, because the black text and white background that works fine on the printed page is too bright on a monitor and causes eye-strain.
Ever the obsessive Virgo, I’m looking for a way around that.

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