Due Respects Paid

Old Mack TruckI just took a picture of an old Mack truck in Ellerbe, North Carolina. I pulled over at a lot to jot down my new load info, and this Mack said “Hey. How’s it going?” Someone obviously put a lot of care into restoring this old truck. I wish it hadn’t been so overcast and raining so hard. I’m sure with a little sunlight the old Mack would have shown off a bit.
Look, I’m not one of these truck drivers who has a thing for old trucks. Well, no more than I do for old things in general. But old trucks are cool in a way because you know that they worked, and hard. They didn’t sit in some garage somewhere and get pampered and polished. So while I may not be an old truck nut, I was certainly going to show my respects. I made Rayne do so, as well.

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