Drug Tests & Assholes

Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m at a clinic, waiting to take a random drug test. My dispatcher was surprised that I knew it was coming. Come on. They gave me a 350 mile load this morning that can’t deliver before tomorrow, then tell me “you need to bring that load by the terminal.” An authoritarian tone instead of the usual best buddy schtick. I started drinking water as soon as I got the message.
Plus, it’s the day after safety bonuses were paid. What better time to do drug tests and minimize grumbling?
A self-important yuppie just came in, and was annoyed to find out he’d have to wait, just like everyone else. He said “I don’t want to waste my time like that.” He signed in and left, saying he would come back in 40 minutes (which is what he was told the wait was). He left behind him general snickering. What a maroon.

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