DOD FX62 Bass Stereo Chorus

DOD FX62 Bass Chorus PedalWhen writing up things like this, I always try to keep in mind that not everyone who visits these pages will know what this stuff is.

The short definition of a chorus pedal is that it makes things sound fuller. Hence “chorus”. In a choir, the blending of many voices sounds much richer than the sound of one voice alone. In the same way, a chorus effect blends the original sound with copies of itself, making a nice, full resonance.

Personally, I don’t think bass guitars benefit much from this effect. Unless that’s the sound you’re going for. Roger Waters used chorus on his bass in Pink Floyd to good effect. But overall, chorus on a bass can be a little distracting.

This pedal was an unexpected gift from my cousin, Mark. I wasn’t really looking for a bass chorus pedal. I figured if I needed chorus on a bass, I could always use one of my outboard effects processors. But I took it when he offered it. Why not? You can never have to many gadgets.

I’ve heard complaints about D.O.D. effects pedals. Which I’ve never really understood. Back in the old days, I liked D.O.D. pedals because they were well built. They were solid. Most other effects pedals felt like that shatter into a million pieces if you dropped them. Whereas you could have used a D.O.D. pedal as a weapon.

BOSS bought out D.O.D. and started using the brand to dump cheap-ass effects on the market. Hell, it’s not wonder that people think of D.O.D. as second-rate these days. You can thank BOSS for that.

Luckily, the two DOD effects pedals that I have are old dinosaurs left over from the 1980’s. I know, they’re so, like, last century. But I would contend that the fact these effects are still around and are working fine says a lot about how they were made.

Oh, yeah. Before I forget to mention it, the bass chorus sounds good, too.

“Just as a chorus is a group of singers, the chorus effect can make a single instrument sound like they are actually several instruments.”

~ Harmony Central

Received: 2007
Condition: Functional
Model: FX62
Manufacturer: DOD
Gift from: Mark Short
Price: $0

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