DOD FX20B Stereo Phasor

I’ve had this effects pedal forever. I don’t remember where I bought it, although it’s likely that I bought it from Appletree Music in Shelby, NC.

I found a lot of mixed reviews about this pedal. It seemed to me that for the most part the more negative reviews were about the newer pedals, and not old dinosaurs like this. People forget that BOSS bought out D.O.D. and used the brand to dump cheap effects on the market.

I don’t actually know. It could just be that I have a different ear from everyone else. Or maybe I don’t know what a proper phase effect sounds like. All I know is that I like what this pedal does to my guitar. I like the mono effect better than the stereo. The sweep is different. So maybe I use it differently than most people.

My ex-wife, when hearing my Stratocaster through this pedal, said that the guitar sounded like it was crying. Make of that what you will.

It’s not an effect I’d use all of the time. But it makes a damned nice difference on a lead break. Would I use it on a rhythm track? Probably not. I figure that’s what a chorus is for. This is an entirely different animal. If used correctly, it can be very dramatic. I suspect that most of the people who don’t like it aren’t using it properly. Or I’m just not getting the same sounds out of mine that they’re getting out of theirs.

Maybe the key difference is restraint. I think the best way to get a good sound is to start with a good sound to begin with. If you’ve already recording a terrific sounding instrument, you want need to add much in the way of effects. And if you do, you can use them sparingly.

I think I just admitted to being an old-timer. Who else would admit to liking hearing the actual sound of an instrument, as opposed to the deep end of the old effects pool?

“Phasing is primarily responsible for the soaring and unique
guitar sounds Brian May achieved with the band Queen.”

– Wikipedia

Purchased: 1989
Condition: Functional
Model: FX20B
Manufacturer: DOD
Seller: Appletree Music, Shelby, NC
Price: $50


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