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I’ve been tinkering around on my brother’s web sites today, digging to learn more about SEO strategies, and thinking of ways that I can help his business. This post is something of an experiment toward that end. I’m thinking out loud again. So if this makes no sense, you need to remember who this blog belongs to. Do you really expect every post to make sense?
I’m not going to get into the marketing ideas that are rattling around in my head, because I might come up with the ultimate solution to every problem, and you bastards would steal it. I’m still bitter about the AI, crystal storage, and ion propulsion ideas that someone got to before I did. Ya’ll aren’t going to get to my viral marketing ideas just yet.
Okay, I’m being silly. Mostly, I’m trying to figure out how I can help. While I’m methodical, some of the SEO strategies I’ve soaked up seem kind of like putting data into a random number generator and trying to achieve a set of positive numbers. It’s okay if that doesn’t make any sense. It does to me. Mostly I’m scribbling things down on a virtual notebook, expecting that at some point the letters will start to rearrange themselves into recognizable patterns. Whether “Santa” will become “Satan” or vice-versa remains to be seen.
For the most part, I’m trying to figure out how my brain, as methodical as it may be in certain circumstances, can help with the logical, methodical process of SEO marketing when my thought processes tend to take their own paths and lead where they lead. I’m rearranging the matchsticks until I can find in them that proverbial portrait of Jesus. Of course, if I do, it’ll probably scare the hell out of me.

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