Demonic Emotion

Overcast skies and a gray day
determined, I am that
somewhere in the mists
a part of me awaits
ready for renewal and rebirth
ready to be strong
determined that no matter
the depth of her
betrayals that I will not
and I cannot begin
to again live within
the cold confines
of once formidable armor.

I will not give her that,
unfeeling temptress
who seduced me to my doom
with false love, and smiles
to know that I am injured
and hatefully am longing
for my former dark shell’s
comforting warmth
and soothing protection.

I will defy her designs by
remaining human, alive, all
soft, pink flesh and bone
that yields to the blows
and renders in bruises
and blood the evidence of
disregard; violent aggression
of demonic emotion.

Kings Mountain, NC
December 18, 2006

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