Deep Down in Florida

Tampa, Florida. Well, okay, I’m in Largo ( :: wave in Victoria’s general direction :: ). But I went through Tampa, dammit. That’s a first. I’ve always just gone by on I-75. I crossed Tampa Bay. So there.
When I leave here I’m going to run over to the TA truck-stop in Seffner to scan this trip so I’ll get paid for it this week. I’m hedging my bets against another bloody ravaging by the payroll department.
Victoria will kill me, knowing I was this close. But with my cellphone disconnected I have no way of calling her. By the time I get to Seffner and can get on the Internet to say hello, I’ll be 20 miles away. Plus by then the company will probably have another load for me. Who knows? If the company gives me something with an open-ended pick-up, maybe Vic and I can have lunch or something.
Anyway, it’s cool to be in this area. I’d never been through Tampa proper, much less on the west side of Tampa Bay. I was briefly reminded of how cool it used to be to drive a truck before I’d been everywhere ten times.

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