Crossing Into Jersey

Delaware. About to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge into New Jersey. I got a much later start than I intended. But I’m still good. This load can deliver until 6 pm. I got within 30 miles of the Delaware border last night before falling over in Maryland.
Man, I always like going over this bridge. It’s a fine bridge and the view is spectacular. This far south there’s not as much industry. You can actually see trees and a landscape. Not like up north, where the the view from a bridge makes you feel like you’re looking over a Borg shipyard.
Well, I’m in Jersey and on the turnpike. I’d better key in and get myself mentally prepared to grapple with people whn are most likely not going to be happy to see me (are they ever?)
Random thoughts:
Jersey greeting: “Heya. Welcome to Jersey, you fucking fuck. Have a nice day or go fuck yourself. Whatever makes you happy. Asshole.”
Best Yankee repellant in the world is a thick Southern accent. They think you’re so stupid that you’re a danger to yourself and to others, and they give you as wide of a berth as possible.

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