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Victoria and I will be heading to Michelle’s in a bit for a Mother’s Day meal. It’s going to be nice to hang out with the girls for a bit.

Both of us are thinking about what we’re going to be doing tomorrow morning, though. We’ll be appearing on a local radio show called Connect The Dots, hosted by a great lady named Ann Marie Cash, founder of The Best of St. Pete. We’re looking forward to it, but we both feel a bit like we’ve let Ann Marie down. Since we just wrapped up the album last Wednesday, we asked Ann Marie if we could skip performing live in favor of playing some of our pre-recorded songs. She told us that would be fine earlier in the week, but told us yesterday that the radio station preferred live performances.

Honestly, at this late date there’s not much we can do. We haven’t had time to go over any of the new arrangements and rehearse. So, basically, live performances are out. Hopefully it won’t be a big deal. We can always play live the next time (if we’re asked back).

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