Confounded By A Yuppie Bitch

Mama told me something today that just confounded me. There is a lady down the street (and I use the term loosely) who we believe is the one who called the Police on us about the truck. I believe this woman has mental issues. I really do. As far as our problems with her go, I brushed that off as simply the typical yuppie bullshit. You know. “This was your neighborhood, but now it’s my neighborhood, and you all need to shape up or get the fuck out.” Anyway, there is a woman who lives behind her who Mama has been friendly with. Apparently the uber-bitch (the yuppie) complained to someone that this woman had left her wheelbarrow outside with its undercarriage facing uber-bitch’s house (gasp!) so that she could see it (the horror!). Jesus Christ. Is this woman out of her fucking mind? I’ve been chomping at the bit all day, trying to talk myself out of walking down to this woman’s house and asking her “what the fuck is your problem?”

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