Commercial Company

I just dropped my trailer at the truck stop in Grover. While I was getting ready to leave, a woman came up to my door. Against my better judgement, I opened it.
She said “Hey, honey. You want some company?”
Ah. Local entertainment. But then, who else would be knocking on your door at a truck stop?
I said “Nah, I’m good. Thank you, though.”
To which she said, “Aw, you’re cute. I’d do you for half price.”
I got a laugh out of that. So there, you losers. I’m so cute the lot lizards will do me for half price. Neener neener.
But as tempting as the offer was (snark!), I found the strength to resist. You know, I have to wonder, how come the women who want to sell me a good time are never women I would want to have sex with? Huh? Why is that? Of course, the implication there is that if one came along that was pretty enough, had all her teeth and looked like she had bathed recently, I might consider it. Hehe. Yeah, maybe in a theoretical sense. I just can’t imagine ever being that desperate. After all, you’re really only paying someone to help you masturbate. I can do that quite well on my own, thank you.
Yes, children. Scary images. Flee! Flee!

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