Commandment Displays Allowed on Some Government Property

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Well, here we go again. Given that the politicians have re-visited the flag burning issue, it was only a matter of time until the issue of the 10 Commandments on Government property came front and center again. Christian Conservatives are determined that they can pretend that non-Christians do not exist in the United States, and they believe that if they can display Christian imagery on public property that they can support this effort with the tacit approval of Federal, states and local governments. In other words, they can’t make non-Christians go away, but they can sure pretend that they don’t exist. And by using Government property for overtly religious displays, they can send the message that non-Christians need not apply in the United States. This is based on the misguided belief that prior to some mystical date in the early 20th Century there was no one other than Christians in this country.

Unfortunately, this recent decision by the Supreme Court is technically and legally correct. Within the context of a historical display, the 10 Commandments might be seen as being entirely proper. Let’s face it, folks, the 10 Commandments are part of the basis for our moral code in the United States, and as such it’s proper within a historical context. The problem is that a lot of Christian Conservatives have discovered this, and are still placing the 10 Commandments within a religious context, using other historical documents and items to justify it legally. They’ve found a work-around. It’s likely that this recent Supreme Court ruling, while technically and legally correct, is just a way for the Conservatives to say “Look, here’s the way to do it.”

I’m sure that in the future you’ll be seeing the 10 Commandments a lot more often on Governmeny property, alongside enough historical content to justify it. The Conservatives on the Supreme Court have delivered this method to their supporters on a silver platter. And quite frankly, there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it.

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