Claire Post: "I'm A Fag?"

I just posted a new blog post to Claire’s MySpace page. For those who don’t know, Claire Mulkieran is the focus of an experiment of mine. She’s a fictional character, the focal point of a book I’m writing set twenty years in the future. Well, as an experiment, and partly to help flesh out the character, I gave her a MySpace page, and she’s been posting to her blog there and on PaganCentric.
In spite of posted information to the contrary, there are people who believe that Claire is real. I’m told this is partly because of the nature of her posts. In the future, since I consider this a work of fiction the same as anything else I’ve written, I’m going to be linking to the occasional Claire posts here. Though in the future I’ll probably do so without comment.
Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Claire’s latest post;

I got called a fag today. More specifically, a “tree hugging, latte drinking, tofu eating hippie fag.” I was angry until the idiot said that, and then I got the giggles. He called me a fag! This confused the idiot, and pissed him off all the more because he thought (correctly, as it turns out) that I was a laughing at him. I told him he should look up certain words before he tried them out in public. Words like … um … fag.

Okay. Long story.

This encounter happened at a convenience store. What started it all off was that there were a gaggle of soldiers in the store, en route to somewhere else. They annoyed me a bit because, well, young men are bad enough on their own, but put a group of them together, especially in uniforms, and they’re not particularly inviting company for certain small blonde women to find themselves in. But I was nice. After all, whatever someone might think of my political leanings, I respect soldiers. I had no idea whether these guys were just out of boot camp or coming back from a tour in Iraq, or just moving a bunch of equipment from point A to point B. So I was nice.

Well, as most women know, being nice to most young men means, to them, that you’re looking to fuck them. Guys, that’s why women brush you off. If we smile at you, you have an automatic erection. Look. Sometimes, I just want to get my milk and my King Dons and be on my way, okay?

To read the rest of Claire’s post, follow these links to Claire’s MySpace Page or Claire’s Blog.

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