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Chickie’s Pub A Bust

Chickie's PubI drove up to New Port Richey last night to perform with the Just In Time Band, only to find out that the venue, Chickie’s Pub, had double-booked the night. Know what that meant? We didn’t play.

So, I turned around and came home. It was a 75 mile round trip for me, and I’d sort of been counting on getting paid for the gig to get me back home again. Needless to say, there are better ways to spend your evening. Watching the grass grow while sipping a cold beer comes to mind.

I wasn’t upset, really. More annoyed than anything. There’s no point in getting upset about something like this. Shit happens. And given the general disregard most club owners have for musicians in the Tampa Bay area, it’s not all that surprising. Mostly I didn’t appreciate that the management at Chickie’s Pub had wasted my time (not to mention gas) like that.

But I still kind of like the place. Chickie’s Pub reminds me of some of the places I played in way back in the 1980’s, where your first impression is that there might be some fights, but at the end of the night you leave after having had a really good time. This is just something we’ll have to keep in mind the next time we book a gig there. That’s a long way to go (for me) only to walk in and find out another band has already set up their equipment.

Chickie’s Pub
6408 Rowan Road
New Port Richey, FL 34653

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