Write City Invite 5.05.11

Many thanks to Lauren Sapala for featuring me and Windhaven in the Write City Invite, a newsletter for the excellent writers’ group which meets weekly at the People’s Cafe in San Francisco, California. Windhaven and I are deeply honored to have been mentioned in the May edition of the Write City Invite, and to have… Continue reading Write City Invite 5.05.11

So Long, John

I stare at the body for a long time. That’s what I’m supposed to do. I know the routine. I’ve been here before. Same funeral home. Same situation. They always put the coffin in this same place. Well, they have in recent memory, anyway. Twenty one years ago my father was at the front of… Continue reading So Long, John


There’s never peace. Moments, maybe, when there’s less pain. But never real peace. Storm winds whip through my hair and tug at my dress, teasing me with release. But I know better. I look up at the dark sky and sigh, glaring at the heavy clouds that linger out over the ocean. They threaten to… Continue reading Billie


The house was fading fast. He didn’t know when it had happened. Or how it happened. But there was no denying that it had happened. The house had fallen into disrepair. Weeds ruled over half of the gardens. Somehow they’d never gotten around to finishing the work they’d started in early summer. He looked around… Continue reading Disrepair

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He looks good. I’ll give them that. I lean against the coffin and study the face. You can barely see the small cuts. If you didn’t know they were there, you’d never know. I know. My eyes trace the line of his face. The nose. The lips. It’s a clinical assessment. That’s the only way… Continue reading Chester

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