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Sen. David Vitter

Obama Says He’ll Veto Bill That Mandates Obamacare for Himself, Congress

Among the heaps of bullshit out there making the rounds, one of the most pernicious at the moment is that misdirected outrage some people are blathering about, in that President Obama says he’ll veto the bill that mandates Obamacare for himself and for Congress.

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Do Not Overreach

Republican Overreach

I actually find myself hoping that some dipshite in the GOP will try to initiate impeachment proceedings aimed at President Obama. That would be the moment when the GOP would officially become a historical relic and could no longer field electable candidates because the Republican brand would be so damaged. Americans are getting tired of […]

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Internal Revenue Service

The Non-Issue At The I.R.S.

You know, the funny thing about all the outrage on the Right about the IRS is that the IRS was apparently caught doing its job. *gasp* How is that possible? You see, folks, if you establish an overtly political organization (maybe with something like “Tea Party” in its name) and then apply for tax-exempt status, […]

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Hobby Lobby

Judge Rules Hobby Lobby Must Cover Contraception For Employees

In September, crafts heavy-weight Hobby Lobby sued to be exempted from providing contraceptive coverage to its 13,000 employees, apparently based upon their presumption that owner David Green’s being an Evangelical Christian somehow makes Hobby Lobby a religious institution. They were mistaken. U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton disagreed with the company’s conclusions and denied their request […]

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Romney Website

A Glimpse of President-Elect Mitt Romney

A web site accidentally went live for a few moments the other day. Mitt Romney’s transition web site. As in “President-Elect Mitt Romney”. The Romney staff prepared a transition website before the election, in case the former Republican nominee was elected president of the United States. Even though Romney didn’t win the election, the web site […]

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Romney as Adolf Hitler

In Mitt Romney’s Ascent, There Are Echos of the Rise of Adolf Hitler

When I look at how close the polls are in the 2012 presidential election, I am left scratching my head. I find myself wondering if this helplessness is how some Germans felt as they watched the rise of Adolf Hitler before World War II. No, of course I’m not saying Mitt Romney is a new […]

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Yes, Virginia. Stupid People Vote.

I saw a post on Facebook today that was simply breathtaking in its stupidity. Apparently it’s very popular with the wingnut crowd, because it’s been making the rounds since at least July of 2008. What surprised me was that the person who posted it was not a stupid person by any stretch of the imagination. […]

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