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Rise Of The Alpha Fiend

I have long been looking for a good, short, memorable name to use as part of my web development business. I’d given up at one point and decided to just use the domain for Windhaven Network, but have come to think that the name was just too long. I mean, if users want to host […]

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Windhaven Network Web Design

Windhaven Network & Web Design

I’ve decided to launch a Multi-Media web design and hosting company. People have told me for years that I should do so, but I’ve never thought it a viable option. Mostly because I just don’t have the paperwork that you need to impress people. Everything I’ve learned has come to me the hard way, by […]

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Old Man Spanking Maid

This Old Dawg – Revisited With Windhaven

I’ve been re-working “This Old Dawg” again. This time for Windhaven. We’re going to include it on the upcoming CD, with more than a little acoustic twist. I’m excited about it. The old version of “This Old Dawg” never seemed to work for me. But since I’ve switched that classic bass riff over to a […]

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An Old Dawg

This Old Dawg @ Rock The Space 2

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy as a musician, it’s when you bust your ass to record a really cool song, only to have it fall far short of your goals. One of my greatest disappointments of recent memory was “This Old Dawg”, which I first recorded in 2008. I’d only just started […]

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Mama's Ring

1.50 ct Diamond Cluster Ring

This ring has been in my family since the late 1970s, and belonged first to my aunt, and then to my mother. My mother recently gave me the ring to auction on eBay, to help me raise the money to publish a book and buy a few items that will help me with my music. […]

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Playing in the Rain

Windhaven Recording Sessions

Songs Completed • Calling All Angels • Dog & Butterfly • Pony • White Rabbit • Willie & The Hand Jive Recording sessions for Windhaven were finally started this week. It’s an exciting time for me. I’m getting to explore the nuances of acoustic guitars in a serious way for the first time. I never aspired to be a part […]

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Catdaddy Pirates

My new band is officially up and running. I look forward to making a lot of noise in the Tampa Bay area with these boys. We have a hell of a lot of potential, and it looks like it’s going to be great fun in the company of gentlemen who already feel like family to […]

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