Wither Away

It’s hard being silent to keep the peace When certain maggots know that they’re out of reach But when the meat is gone, at the end of the day We can watch the maggots wither away. We can watch the maggots wither away. We can watch the maggots wither away.

If Loneliness Had A Name

This is a song that was written by my friend, Gary Ramsey, who was the first musician I ever jammed with. We recorded this version in the late 1980’s on a cassette 4-track recorder. Gary recently made this video and uploaded it to YouTube. CREDITS Gary Ramsey – vocals, lead guitar Wicasta Lovelace – rhythm… Continue reading If Loneliness Had A Name

In Your Eyes

[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/inyoureyes.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” was completed on June 30, 2010. Love I get so lost, sometimes Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart When I want to run away I drive off in my car But whichever way I go I come back to the place you are All my… Continue reading In Your Eyes


[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/hallelujah.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was completed on June 27, 2010. Now I’ve heard there was a secret chord That David played, and it pleased the Lord But you don’t really care for music, do you? It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth The minor fall, the major lift The baffled king composing… Continue reading Hallelujah


[podcast]http://www.windhaven.us/mp3/freedom.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Richie Haven’s “Freedom” was completed on June 24, 2010. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. A long way from my home. Sometimes I feel like I’m almost gone. Sometimes I… Continue reading Freedom

This Old Dawg

[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/thisolddawg2010.mp3[/podcast]Senorita, what you gonna do tonight? I’m just wonderin’ what you’re gonna do tonight. Lawd this old dawg, Knows you’re gonna treat him right. Oh, lovey dovey, how’re you gonna make me squirm? I’m just wonderin’ how you’re gonna make me squirm. Lawd this old dawg, Knows you’ve got some tricks he wants to learn.… Continue reading This Old Dawg

Calling All Angels

[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/callingallangels.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Train’s Calling All Angels was completed on May 18, 2010. I need a sign to let me know you’re here All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere I need to know that things are gonna look up ‘Cause I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup… Continue reading Calling All Angels


[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/pony.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Kasey Chambers’ Pony was completed on May 11, 2010. When I grow up I want a pony I’m gonna ride her from dust til dawn I’m gonna brush her mane And feed her sugar cane And keep her in safe from the storm If I had a pony I wonder could I… Continue reading Pony

You’re Not The One

First I gave him beauty. Then I gave him light. He said “Your time will never come.” But I knew he loved me. So I would give him life. He said “Your time will never come. You’re not the one.” In the grip of passion, And the heights of love, I said, “Take from me… Continue reading You’re Not The One

White Rabbit

[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/whiterabbit.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit was completed on May 10, 2010. One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you Don’t do anything at all Go ask Alice When she’s ten feet tall And if you go chasing rabbits And you know you’re going… Continue reading White Rabbit

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