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Big Muff Pi

Playing The Big Muff

I hooked up the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi tonight through the computer to see what it sounded like (and to make sure that it worked). That was a lot of fun. Running it into the computer, I was able to match it with various virtual amplifiers using Amplitube 2, and discovered, much to my surprise, […]

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The Just In Time Band

Band Practice #2

I don’t want to get into the habit of writing about band practice, but I met with the guys in Largo for the second time last night. If nothing else, it’s worth mentioning because I think #2 went better than #1. We did easier songs, I didn’t have a cold, and I was a lot […]

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Vladimir Putin

A Vampire Named Crewe

Does this man look like a vampire to you? I suppose the answer to that question would really depend upon who asked it. In my visualizations for my vampire, Crewe, for some reason I kept thinking about Vladimir Putin. Not that Crewe is a dead ringer for Putin (no pun intended), but there’s something about […]

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