M-Audio Axiom 61

I had intended to buy an old Korg M1 and use it as a controller for my GigaStudio software. But for some inexplicable reason, people on eBay started asking exorbitant prices for what I considered to be obsolete equipment. I mean, I loved my old M1 and all, but geez, people. I didn’t love it… Continue reading M-Audio Axiom 61

Dauz Drum Pads

Back in the early 1990’s, when I was assembling my recording rig for the second time, I decided that I needed something to help me get a more realistic drum sound. I figured these drum pads would do the trick. These were coupled with my Alesis D4 drum module (which has 12 trigger inputs for… Continue reading Dauz Drum Pads

2002 Ovation Balladeer 12-String Acoustic

I had thought about buying a 12-string for some time before finding this guitar. I’d thought mostly about buying an electric, though, because I had several songs that I’d used the 12-string neck of my old Aria double-neck guitar on. While I had found 12-string acoustics that I liked, none really suited me.

1992 Ovation Ultra

Prior to buying this guitar, I never really had any intention of buying an acoustic guitar. While I had toyed around with the idea, and thought it’d be nice to have one, I never really thought seriously about buying one. One fine day I wandered into the acoustic guitar section.

Silvertone Lap Steel

Different people call this instrument by various names. I’ve heard it called a Hawaiian guitar. Lap steel guitar. Country guitar. Call it what you will. Now, as for what you can play on them, well, that’s another story. They’re not exactly rock and roll instruments. You’ll hear higher-end versions on popular country songs.

1981 Ibanez DT-50 Destroyer II

Here’s a beat up old road whore for ya. This guitar originally belonged to my cousin, Chris Short, who was, I believe, the second owner. He played it for years back in the early 1980′s in a North Carolina band called Roller (I was their Light-man).

1988 Fender Stratocaster

The gods intended for me to own this guitar. I’d never shown much interest in Stratocasters. At least not in regard to buying one. I liked their sound, but I didn’t like the way they played. The neck was too fat, or too rounded, or too something. I don’t really know.

Aria Pro II “Cat Bass”

I bought this bass out of the junk pile at Hames Music (a section where they displayed the junk that people had traded in). After selling my Alembic in the great Florida debacle of 1991, I was trying to find some way to re-capture that Alembic sound that I missed so much. This bass was… Continue reading Aria Pro II “Cat Bass”

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