The Last Camel Cigarette

I just smoked the last Camel cigarette in this pack. The fact that I scanned the empty pack says a lot about how a spur-of-the-moment decision I made over a month ago has turned into an interesting study of addiction and my own personal weaknesses. Before I bought that random pack of Camels back in… Continue reading The Last Camel Cigarette

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Considering The Zoom H2

I got a new toy today. A Zoom H2 recorder. I’ve had an eye on these for awhile, but had given up hope of ever owning one. It’s just never seemed crucial. It really wasn’t until Victoria and I formed Windhaven and, more recently, decided to start using backing tracks that I began to think… Continue reading Considering The Zoom H2

R.I.P. Robin Rogers

I was saddened to learn yesterday that Robin Rogers has died. She was told she had a year to live, and only lived for three months, dying from liver cancer yesterday at her home in North Carolina. I won’t join the pile of people who are claiming to have been old friends with her. I… Continue reading R.I.P. Robin Rogers

Audio / Video

These are featured examples of my music and videos. You can find much more in the Music section of this web site.

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When The Winds Blow

We’ve finally started recording Windhaven’s first album, which we’re tentatively calling “When The Winds Blow”. This has been a long time ┬ácoming. After our percussionist left the band we were sort of left floundering. Or I was, anyway. I tinkered on the songs and figured we would get around to recording, but nothing quite felt… Continue reading When The Winds Blow

Robin Rogers Needs Your Help

If you’ve never heard of Robin Rogers, it’s been your loss. Robin won the 2009 Blues Blast Award for Best Female Artist. She has an amazingly powerful voice, and was poised to become one of the great voices in Contemporary Blues. Recently, though, Robin was hospitalized due to some complications from her Hepatitis C, which… Continue reading Robin Rogers Needs Your Help

M.E. Caldwell (novel)

My unfinished novel from the early 1990’s has been re-introduced to the web site. It was never my intention to remove it, but with the half dozen migrations I went through, from server to server to server, somehow it just fell through the cracks among the hundred other tasks that needed to be completed. The… Continue reading M.E. Caldwell (novel)


I haven’t been excited about any project in recent memory as much as I am excited about my acoustic trio, Windhaven (which I’m doing with Victoria Sadler and Doug “Wolf” Schwartz). It’s all such a new adventure. For all of us involved in this project, it’s very much a departure. For me, it means not… Continue reading Windhaven

Billie (short story)

Billie is the story of a woman who is not what she seems to be. Excerpt; Every eye turns in my direction. I smile at some of the patrons. Acknowledge others. Some smile, warm and friendly. Some glower at me, still smarting from recent slights. Half of them are stuck here because of me, passing… Continue reading Billie (short story)

The Weight Of Flesh (poem)

The Weight Of Flesh How I resent these stiff, tortured bones, the aching, sweaty weight of flesh. I would be free, formless and weightless; a whisper on soft summer winds. I would be strong, but incorporeal; rolling thunder and falling rain… Become music, and danced abandon; slip these mortal bonds for the skies. Kings Mountain,… Continue reading The Weight Of Flesh (poem)

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