A Dream And The Lost Song

Hope Mills, North Carolina. I’m delivering the load I picked up this morning in Georgia. I don’t think The Company has anything for me after this. Big surprise there, huh? Mostly I’m writing because of a dream I had last night, which I wanted to mention, and which I’ve thought about quite often today. I… Continue reading A Dream And The Lost Song

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Strange Dreams

I’m about to run into this truck stop and take a shower. I delivered yesterday afternoon. Naturally USX gave me a load that didn’t pick up until this morning, and can’t deliver until tomorrow afternoon. Total trip miles are around 500, so that’s what I’ll get out of two days. Not good. Mostly I’m writing… Continue reading Strange Dreams

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Dreaming Of A Monster

Dreams. First was some sort of Charlie Sheen / Jon Cryer type thing. Guy talks to his friend. His relationship with a girl is failing. Young girl in her Mama’s house. She’s cleaning up because the house has been neglected. Somehow this morphs into something else. House full of people. Chica is playing a guitar… Continue reading Dreaming Of A Monster

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Dream Of The Old House

Dream. The old house with the slope that had been rocked over. Grown over. Cutting grass. Looking forward to cleanup.

Bizarre Dreams

01:46 in or about Saint Leon, Indiana. I’m about to start my shift. I’m in an odd way this morning. Had bizarre dreams. They were too intricate to go into here, but suffice it to say that they involved invisible creatures that gobbled up people during dramatic moments of their staged play, humanoid lion creatures… Continue reading Bizarre Dreams

Epic Dreams

Dream: I remember bits and pieces. Old houses which I’ve visited in dreams before (big 2 story with wraparound porch) have finally had their roofs fall in. Came across them on handmade skateboard. Other segment, overlooking lake; girl stands up in convertible and takes off sweater. Is wearing sheer white t-shirt underneath. Nipples and boobs… Continue reading Epic Dreams

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