Chapter Two

“Why do you not dance with us? Who are you to live?” He peers carefully around the doorframe. I watch his eyes. Cold. Blue. Unfeeling! My heart is pounding! I try to call out, but only cough blood. He says nothing, wanders quietly on down the hallway, checking the other rooms. I try to rise,… Continue reading Chapter Two

Chapter One

“I will not die in the street like a dog.” And so it is… Soft light. A sliver. A breath. Ah… to breathe. My chest fills; empties. Muscles… move. Somewhere in side. It works. It works. The soft light grows brighter; a red, ruddy haze. My body is warm. My lips are dry. I start… Continue reading Chapter One

M.E. Caldwell

Here be the unfinished pages of the tale of M.E. Caldwell. Some of you know her as “Emmy”. Most of you just call her “Caldwell”. I suppose if you fit within either category, then this work needs no introduction. But if you’re new to this novel, you can find out more in the various links… Continue reading M.E. Caldwell

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