Captured at the Greensboro Lair

Greensboro. I wound up here by strange twists of fate. Or at least the mysterious ways of my company. After I delivered yesterday my dispatcher asked me where I could meet a driver to give him my empty trailer. Um. Whut? Well, I was on an on-ramp already, so I met him there and gave up my trailer. Then they sent me to a certain tobacco giant in Concord to pick up a trailer. I assumed it would be a loaded trailer. Nope! It was one of the local shuttle trailers. The company wanted me to bring it to Greensboro. Fine. Whatever. I did so. Then they left me sitting here all last night. About 150 miles for an entire day. Wow. My week is off to a great start, huh?
Well, they gave me a load to Pennsylvania this morning. Assigned me an empty. I hooked up to it and was updating my log book when this shop fella walked up with a clipboard, looking over my truck and trailer. He knocked on my door and told me to take my trailer to the shop, because it had a bad tire (a matter of opinion, I think).
Coises! I’d almost made my escape!
Well, anyway. Here I sit. I’ve been in a shop bay for about half an hour. So far they’ve mostly discussed the theoretical possibility of changing the tire. No, wait. They just fired up the air wrench. Elune be praised!
I guess that last Freudian slip proves that I’d much rather be playing World of Warcraft. Actually, I’d rather be driving. That’s the only time I make money.
Speaking of which, I’ve decided against taking the dedicated job. It wouldn’t take long for the novelty to wear off, and then I’d be stuck with the same old routine every week. Hopefully, I’m not upholding my tradition of passing up a good opportunity. But about the only thing that keeps driving interesting to me is that actual driving, not knowing where I’ll be going next. Right now, I need that.

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