Calling All Tarot Card Readers

Death cardI just had an interesting encounter with my Crow’s Magick tarot deck. Figured I’d post it and see what the greater minds had to say about it. I’ve tinkered with tarot, but never really learned what everything means. So …
While packing I came across my tarot cards and figured I would pull a random card to see what showed up. Then I realized that the deck had never been properly sorted, so that was hardly random. Shuffled the deck seven times (because I like 7). On the sixth shuffle, I about dropped the cards. One card fell out on the floor. It was the Death card. So I set it aside. After the last shuffle I pulled my card, and was the Nine of Wands.
Now, I’m not going to tell you my interpretation of this, but I laughed. Seems to be there couldn’t be a more accurate reading of my current situation. I’d be interested to heard what other people thought of it.

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