But … I Don't Want To Go To Canada

I’m about to go pick up a load in Maxton, North Carolina that delivers tomorrow in St. Thomas, Ontario. I’m really not looking forward to going to Canada. Actually, getting into Canada is a breeze. It’s when you try to come back into the U.S. that you realize what assholes Americans are.
I could have refused the load. But after sitting in Greensboro for two days, I figured it was best to accept the best miles I’d been offered in a while. Besides, if I’d turned it down they would have probably given me another 150 mile run to Richmond.
Oh, well. There’s no use whining about it. I’m overdue for an adventure. My main complaint is this is going to cost me my weekend. I was kind of looking forward to working on my web site and finishing the backups on my laptop. There’s always next weekend, huh?

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