Bush Wants “Intelligent Design” Taught In Schools

Charles DarwinIt should surprise no one that President Bush would like to see Creationism, which of late has been disguised as a “scientific theory” called Intelligent Design, taught in schools as an alternative to Darwinism. One hallmark of Fundamentalist thought is a basic misunderstanding of the word “theory” in regard to science. They regard a scientific theory, such as Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, to be merely an opinion. The Theory of Evolution is simply Darwin’s opinion, his theory, on the development of species. Hence, their own opinion, Intelligent Design, is just as valid of a theory, right?

It’s difficult to explain to people who think like this that a scientific theory, while not inherently “provable” in the sense that one can find absolute proof about every aspect of it, is not just some guy thinking up an idea and everyone else going along with it. While there often can be no absolute proof of a scientific theory, every theory is held to a pretty rigid standard, and is only accepted after a lot of examination and observation. In other words, the theory becomes an accepted idea when it is shown to be largely valid by scientific evidence and long-term study of real-world conditions to support it. So the reason Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is so widely accepted is that scientists have found a lot of evidence to support it.

Intelligent Design represents a matter of opinion and a matter of faith. It is creationsim in a new package. As long as there is not sufficient scientific evidence to support the idea, I firmly believe that it should be taught in churches and not in schools. There is nothing whatsoever wrong in believing that God created the Universe and all things in it. But that is a religious belief, not a scientifically valid theory. People should not confuse the two.

However, installing Intelligent Design in the schools as an alternative to the Theory of Evolution would certainly fit in with the overall mind-set of the Bush Administration. Thus far they have had very little regard with facts, truth or reality. What we have had since 2000 is a faith-based White House, where their faith in their own ideas has trodden reality time and time again. It certainly isn’t a big stretch of the imagination for President Bush to believe that Intelligent Design should trump scientific theory. After all, science is for atheists, right?

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