Bush Installs Bolton

I don’t think many people are surprised that President Bush used a recess appointment to install John Bolton into his position as ambassador to the United Nations. As many people have noted, Bolton has been a key player in the Conservative assault against the American people. The Republicans have been looking for a position for him within the Administration for some time. This also represents an opportunity for the Administration to score major points with the Conservative Right, by apparently installing someone who Conservatives expect to take the battle to the U.N. All you have to do is travel the country and see the billboards shouting “Get us out of the United Nations!” to understand who this appointment is intended to appease.

Hopefully Mr. Bolton will not embarass the United States too greatly on the world stage. For my own part, I believe he will. I believe that is his intended function. While this Administration and the Right-Wing of the Republican party continues its war against the American people, the Constitution, and, well, Democracy in general, the three-wing circus that will be John Bolton at the United Nations will provide a convenient distraction. And while the Republicans are cutting funding for nearly every social program while awarding their rich buddies in corporations all across America unheard-of contracts, the media will be attentively watching John Bolton’s Conservative lap dance.

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