Bound and DeterminedThere’s probably no reason to post anything here, other than to point out that I’m still kicking. I won’t go into a lot of details, but the last couple of months have been intense. The new job has been a challenge. There were times I didn’t think I would make it. I actually jotted down the phone numbers of some mental health counselors. It got that bad. Not that the job is bad. But the training has been intense. With everything outside of work considered, and feeling like I was nowhere near up to the demands of this job, I’d honestly found myself pondering long, one-way swims in the Gulf of Mexico.

But I’m still here. The pressures of the job have eased somewhat. I’m on the last of my 3 days off, and I’ve spent some time upgrading our web sites, and porting a lot of stuff over onto Amazon CloudFront (as a CDN). I’ve also been planning for the future. In just a bit, I’ll be heading down to Saint Petersburg College downtown to pick up my textbooks for the Fall semester. While a lot can change between now and the Spring semester, there’s a plan going into 2017 that is at once risky and exciting. I’m sure more will be written about that later.

Right now, though, a new work week looms. I have errands to run today, and should get on with it. All I’m really writing to say here is that I’m still alive, I’m bound and determined to find a way to reach those ancient goals of mine, and for the first time in ages I finally feel like I’m starting to get some traction.

A lot of changes are on the horizon.