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Bob Barr: Exposing Every Weakness However Carefully Hidden By The Kids

Quote:What’s next? Will armored divisions be forced to travel with sacrificial animals for Satanic rituals? Will Rastafarians demand the inclusion of ritualistic marijuana cigarettes in their rations?…” – regarding Wiccans in the military.

Notes: Bob Barr’s bonafides in the Conservative movement stem from the fact that as a former Representative from Georgia’s 7th Congressional District he “helped in the Clinton impeachment trial” when he was in office. Now he “takes to the airwaves to discuss privacy and other matters,” hosting Bob Barr’s Laws of the Universe, which is syndicated by Radio America.

On a snarky personal note, does Bob Barr remind anyone else of the mean school teacher in Pink Floyd’s The Wall? I keep expecting him to scream at me “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!”

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