Why Is Denmark the Happiest Country in the World?

The meme I’ve included in the post is a pretty good example of why we can’t have nice things in America. I’ve seen quite a few of my conservative friends post this one lately, without apparently noticing a lick of irony when asking “Why is Denmark the happiest country in the world?”.

Why Is Denmark the Happiest Country in the World?


One lady posted this to a friend, and said “Can we move there?”

It took great restraint on my part, but I managed not to say, “Really? You bitch about people at McDonald’s asking for higher wages, but you want to move to a country where the minimum wage is $20 an hour? You bitch about freeloaders, but want to move to a country with free healthcare? You bitch about how lazy people are, but want to move to a country with a 33 hour workweek? You think Americans parents aren’t raising their kids right, but want to move to a country with free child care?”

This is the kind of thing which boggles my mind. These are the same people who say Barack Obama is a socialist, and yet they want to move to a socialist country because they think the results of socialism is great?

This is what happens when people don’t fekkin’ read. They can accuse someone of being a socialist and still celebrate the results of socialism because they don’t frickin’ know what socialism is. But what kills me is that they can post glowing comments about this Denmark meme and wistfully wish they could move there, all while demanding that the very same thing be denied to American citizens in their own country.

What is wrong with people?

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