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Wicasta @ Rock The Space 2

I’ve submitted my song, “This Old Dawg” (recently updated and featuring new vocals, new drums by Doug “Wolf” Schwartz, and new mixing and mastering), to MySpace’s Rock The Space 2 contest. Long story short, whoever wins the contest will be awarded a recording contract with MySpace Records, as well as $10,000 in Fender gear. I’d […]

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Pablo Picasso - Old Man With A Guitar, 1903

Like Sand Through An Hourglass…

I just circled by Stevie B’s and picked up some bass strings today. I’ve been getting ready to do some recording, so it probably says a lot about my general outlook that I don’t intend to put these strings on before tonight’s gig in Ybor. These are for recording. My spirit has been kind of […]

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