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Stop Crush Videos

Senators Introduce Law to Ban ‘Crush’ Videos of Animal Cruelty

I’m always amazed by the basic depravity of the human mind. Until this morning, I had never heard of “crush videos”. If you don’t know what they are either, suffice it to say that they’re exactly what they sound like – depictions of small animals being tortured to death by humans. The videos mostly depict […]

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Tiger Lily RIP

Bronx Teen Cooks Kitten Alive

Yesterday I stumbled across a story online that literally turned my stomach. Some little maggot of a girl named Cheyenne Cherry broke into an apartment owned by Valerie Hernandez (her ex-roommate) on May 6 and trashed the place by throwing bleach on the walls of the apartment, slashing furniture, unscrewing light bulbs and stealing DVDs […]

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